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Took an oath I'm gonna stick it out to the end
c: GA: Color Fiasco
Title: Now that it's raining more than ever
Pairing: Derek/Addison
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,587
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Grey's Anatomy or Shonda. If I did, the show would be different! And I wouldn't be a student who only has 17p in her back account!
Summary: Derek tries to make up to Addison for the way he's treated her, but it doesn't last. A twist on the affair. References to MerDer & Maddison sex scenes because they had to come from somewhere. Written for seasonal_smut 

Addison had expected Valentine’s day to be the same as Christmas and her birthday had been for the last year. Spending the time waiting for Derek to turn up only for Mark to take his place with a present that she had guessed Derek had told him to pick up on the way. She didn’t want to deal with her sickly in love with friends who would just end up making the day more unbearable than she thought. she had loved this day when her and Derek had been crazily in love, they spent the day making love, only coming up for food and the shower had ended up being shared, the water covering up their muffled moans.

She had told work that she would be in, she expected Derek to be there, not taking the typical holiday that they always put in. She wasn’t going to be the person that sat around and waited for him to come home every night, not today. She was going to work and if she got asked anything from patients about how she was spending the time with her husband. She would just lie and say that they were both busy and planning on spending the night together when they got home. It was getting easier to lie about the status of their marriage, making up lies about why Derek couldn’t go to parties. She would normally end up trying to take Savvy along but recently Mark had been asking her to go rather than the trophy girlfriend that constantly changed each week.

What she didn’t expect was to wake up on the day in question to the smell of cologne on the pillow next to her which meant someone had slept next to her. The smell of pancakes coming from downstairs, this had to be a dream, it wasn’t normal. Letting her eyes slowly, stretching her body in the bed, she felt her hands come in contact with something, unable to stop the goofy smile coming across her lips when she noticed the single red rose and a note saying to stay in bed no matter how tempting the smell was. Also, that he had rang up work and told them that she was sick and not to expect her in today. She was scared of getting her hopes up too quickly.

Sitting up in bed, she played with the rose, running her fingers across the soft petals. She hoped that today was going to be different; even just one day that was in complete happiness would help her believe that this could work. Her eyes went to the door to the bedroom when she heard soft footsteps, she was wearing the biggest smile she had for months.

“I didn’t wake you up did I?” Shaking her head slowly, looking at him as he placed the tray which was had some pancakes on and two glasses on orange juice, down between them.

“Unless the smell of food counts as you.” She whispered softly, taking back when she felt his lips against her own, feeling the electricity between them. “But, I don’t think I’m that hungry anymore.” She added against his lips, unable to stop the smirk as his lips pulled away from hers, sure by now he knew what she wanted. She didn’t want a quick fuck like it had been recently which seemed to have taken place in on call rooms, storage closets or the elevator where the emergency stop had come in useful.

As he moved the tray down to the floor, not seeming to care that the food was going to waste, she kicked the covers of the bed off her body. “I’ve missed you.” She whispered as she carefully pulled him on top of her, looking up into his eyes, wanting to show how much she had missed him but wanting him to know at the same time that they couldn’t carry on as they had and expect them to work.

But the only reply she got was his lips against her own, she wasn’t sure which way to take it but it was hard to think when his hands were pushing the silk nightdress over her thighs exposing the panties she had on. Her eyes staying closed as his lips trailed their way down over her neck to the swell of her breasts but stopping where the material started. Then his lips were on her stomach, kissing his way over her skin that he was slowly exposing as his hands pushed up the silky material.

She moved her hands to try and take off the old top he had on, but her hand was quickly slapped away. “Addie, this is about you, it’s not about me. I want to make up for not being here, let me make it up to you.” Slowly nodding her head, shivering slightly as she felt his fingers trail over her ribcage, she moved only so he could pull the material over her head, exposing her petite breasts. She couldn’t help but feel shy as his eyes looked over her body. She knew that she hadn’t been eating recently, she’d make something for them and she would sit and wait for him for so long that she got past the point of being hungry.

“I’m so sorry Addie.” She gasped as she felt his hot mouth against her nipple, his hand paying attention to her other breast, massaging it until both of them became harder. Running finger and tongue over her nipples at the same time before sucking down on the one his mouth was paying attention to. She couldn’t help the moans and whimpers that were leaving the back of her throat and she could feel the dampness between her legs growing.

Her hips involuntarily pressed up towards his, this was getting slightly uncomfortable, each time his tongue paid attention to her she could feel desire growing. “Derek.” She managed to whisper, sounding like she was getting strangled because each breath she took was becoming harder. She took in as much breath as she could when he pulled his lips away from her, moving her hips while he pulled her panties down her legs. She couldn’t think, she couldn’t do anything, her brain felt like it was short circuiting.

Parting her lips as he kissed his way up the insides of her thighs, picking a path that had her squirming under him. Almost screaming out when his tongue ran against her folds, her fingers gripping hold of the sheets under her and twisting them in her palms. She was silenced when she felt his fingers inside of her and all she could think about was breathing and the way his fingers curled up inside of her at the right spot. It didn’t take long until she was screaming out her name as she felt the climax wash over her body, thankful she didn’t have to think about muffling the noise she was making.

Kissing him back lazily after he moved up her body, able to taste herself on his lips, she pulled him closer to her, wrapping her legs around his waist. She could feel his erection against the inside of her thigh. “I love you.” She whispered against his lips as her hands made work of undoing the draw strings on his sweats and pushing them down his body, unable to stop the smirk when she worked out he didn’t have any boxers on. Pushing them down his legs, she used what little force she still had in her body to roll them over so she was on top of him.

Pulling off his top, she looked down at him with a dirty smirk on her lips. “I love you too, even though you’re a minx at times.” Laughing as she pressed her lips against his chest, tracing the muscles with her tongue, pressing her hips down against his own, grinding against his length. Listening to the noises he was making which only boosted her ego and made her want him even more.

Forcing her lips away from his skin, she pulled him up so he was sat up with her, looking into his eyes, she ran her hands softly across his chest. She wanted this to be special, to mean something and show that they were going to be together for the rest of their life. Sinking down onto him, she moaned softly as he filled her up, pressing her forehead against his own, using her legs that were around his waist to move over him. Feeling his hands in her long hair, gasping as he tugged her hair back and she felt his lips against her neck before he forced her down onto her back. But he kept his hands tugging her hair so her neck was as exposed as possible.

Feeling him move over her, she kept her hips moving in time him with, feeling the heat start in the pit of her stomach again. Her body started to tense around his and she could tell from the way he was breathing against her neck that he was as close as she was.

Reaching their climax’s together, calling out each other’s names, she never felt so close and connected to him recently.

The rest of the day had carried on that way. But the day after, she woke up to an empty house, no sign of Derek anywhere. She picked up the phone and called Mark. That night, Derek had set off for Seattle.

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Amazing, and Derek was so in character in the last paragraph.

Thanks! The last paragraph wasn't meant to be in there and then I thought of it, it just adds to the drama.

Love your icon btw!

I loved it, really loved it.
Hopefully you will write more soon because I am out of reading material ;)

Okay, anything you want, I need some ideas to get my muse going?

get them locked up in a room/basement - addek with mer? torture mer a little bit for me ... ??

Oh, so many ideas for that! I'll try and have it done by the weekend!

wow....amazing. and hawt! Really enjoyed reading.

This was amazing. The combination of fluff & angst perfectly sums up Addie/Derek.
So much love, thank you for this!

Thanks! I always saw them as a couple that would have a good day and then the next would be a low day.

I was sitting there grinning like an idiot and then the other shoe dropped and I felt like smacking Derek upside the head, as I usually do.
But damn.... the fluff was pretty sweet ♥

Aahh that was so hot!
And yeah the last paragraph was typical Derek, you got the characters perfect!

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