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And You Were Mine; Bel/Hector
c: GA: Hair Envy

Title: And You Were Mine
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 880
Fandom and Pairing: The Hour. Bel Rowley & Hector Madden
A/N: Porn Battle

His stubble was starting to scratch against her thighs. Hector had forgotten to bring several toiletries for his weekend with her while Marnie was in the country. Bel wasn’t sure how he had managed to get out of it for the third week in a row but she wasn’t questioning his charm. That was the reason why she could feel the beginning of stubble rash on the inside of thighs, his lips trailing kisses over her skin. She was quivering under him, he had had her at his mercy for the last 5 minutes and he wasn’t giving up.

“Hector, if you’re going to do it, just do it.”

Bel had never been in this position before; her past sexual experiences had been all about the man she was with. She rarely got any pleasure out of it but Hector made sure she had at least screamed his name once previous to them actually having sex. It was the reason she couldn’t let go of him, although she was telling herself that he was a married man, she spoke to his wife on several occasions and they got on well, she couldn’t give him up. This obviously explained the several mistresses before her.

“Do what?”

Bel looked down at him as she felt his lips detach themselves from her skin, his fingers pressing against the area where her thigh meets the curve of her ass. He had that look in his eye, he knew what he was doing to her and he was having too much fun. This was as close to begging as Hector Madden was going to get from Bel Rowley.

Instead of answering and giving him the satisfaction of her asking, she tried to press the heel of her foot into his neck but he refused to move. A whimper of frustration left the back of her throat as his smirking got worse, not sure it could grow much more.

“What was that Bel?”

In bed was the only time that he would ever address her by her first name, not that they were actually in bed. From the front door they had barely made it to the bedroom door before they ended up on her floor.

“I want your tongue on me!”

Her voice was a little louder than she expected but that last thought was gone when his tongue found her clit within seconds. Bel’s feet pressed harder into his shoulder blades this time, trying to do less damage than she could if she pressed his neck again.

Her mind was telling her to hold out, just make this pleasure last as long as possible but he had spent most of their evening out teasing her with little comments and touches she wasn’t sure how long she could last. Bel could feel the curling in the pit of her stomach as he started to suck on her sensitive skin. She could feel the little vibrations of his soft moans against her, her teeth were biting down on her lips, desperate to muffle the noises that came from her chest.

“Don’t hold back on my account.”

She shook her head slowly, even though he couldn’t see her, the muscles in her thighs starting to tense around his head and she was fighting to keep them apart so she doesn’t damage his head. Lix would kill her for damaging his 'beautiful' face or Marnie for that matter.

Her fingers reached out beside her to hold onto something, anything as if it would bring back her back from the brink of insanity. He was sucking on her while his tongue flicked against her clit, from every angle possible. Her hands came up with nothing and instead ended up gripping onto Hector’s head, her fingers tangling into the strands she could grasp. 

It wasn’t until he pushed, what she could only guess as three fingers, inside of her, curling them at just the right point that she came with a scream. He never gave up, his spare hand holding her hips down and stopping herself from thrashing against him too much. Something she was thankful for, she didn't want to suffocate him. One because she would have to live without his sexual teasing and she couldn't imagine having to explain this to his wide. His tongue was relentless and although his fingers weren’t moving in and out of her, they were stroking just the right spot.

“I can’t. Stop, please stop.” Bel begged, his tongue and fingers refusing to give up and her body didn’t seem to want to come down from its high. Every breath was a struggle, she could feel her pulse in her ears and she thought that she was second away from dying unless his tongue stopped moving.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that during sex.” Bel forced her eyes open, looking down at Hector with a lazy smile. She could see the moisture around his lips, the soft tissue slightly swollen but the desire was painfully obvious in his eyes.

“I thought it might keep your ego at bay. I don’t need you thinking you can have your own way because you’re sleeping for me.”

Bel took hold of the hand that was resting on her hips and pulled him up to her level, her legs wrapping around his waist, her feet locking at the back.

“I will never think that, Lix likes to keep me in my place.”

“I think you should show me what your hips can do instead.”


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