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c: GA: Color Fiasco
Friends Only
leave a comment and i'll add 
icons at we_wanna_party 

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Hey i saw you on a girls Aloud friend meme!

hey, i heart your icon

(Deleted comment)
hehe i might be forced into writing addie/kevin. i'll properly do it next week when i'm off school.

sure i'll add you :)

we both seem to be made of awesome. friends? ♥

yup, you don't even need to ask

hey. i found you through an olivia icon community. we have quite a few interests in common - idina menzel, wicked, house, olivia, private practice.. so i added you as a friend, hope that's okay :-)

Yeah, it's fine. And I <3 that icon

I am seriously in love with your fic and we both like Kate Walsh who is just pure awesomeness. Friends?

Yeah sure! And Kate Walsh is <3

Thanks for adding me. Just added you back :)

Love your Addie/Noah picspam and your fics. Friends?

Hi (: Based on similar interests, I watch grey's, private practice, and gossip girll. I highly ship addison/derek & charlotte/cooper (among many others) oh, and I love yer icon (: ... add me?

I never noticed this hun sorry! & sure if you still want to be friends!

would you like to become lj friends with me? we do share some interests. just have a look at my userpic :D

Yeah sure! & I adore your artwork!

You're from kwa, right ? I'm Kiizza.xo :) Add me back ?

hi! i read friending on starcrossed and i really think that we have a few things in common ;) i'd like to add u, if it's okay with u.
hugs ,eva

Yeah sure it's okay. Added you =)

this is floral_scent from twitter <3

Hey there everyone bands20in20 has 3 spaces left for the 1st round sign ups, so come on quickly and sign up :D if you dont get the spot then join the com ready for round #2 you can apply with any singer or any band thanks people ;D x

(trustdanascully) I just found your tumblr and I am now going to lurk you :D
Because I am a creeper like that.

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