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c: GA: Color Fiasco
Okay so I suck at updating this at the moment but I do check lj!

I've got my exam's soon OMG so nervous first one on Friday for my chemistry resit. Only one more year hopefully and then Uni, I don't want to do another year of college. None of the lesson's are linked to what I want to do, biology has nothing to do with bones at all which sucks.

The Private Practice finally, it was blah for the first 20 minutes but I loved the last and Addison/Sam hfurehgfidensfjkw! Not happy about Pete/Violet but still!

BONES FINALE FJIGVFNSDKFSAIJFMSDKF I'M SO NERVOUS YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I love Emily's new haircut, but I'm bias because I had it cut like that last week but still it's stunning. Also I don't care about David cheating, it's his own choice and his relationship with his wife has always seemed weird. 

Just a quick update but hopefully I'll update more! 


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