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about me
becki 19 year old student wanting to study creative writing & journalism, only child, lives in england and needs to force herself to make icons and write .

essentials: my ipod touch or ipod nano red. my phone. lipgloss. daisy my marc jacobs. vintage dresses.
music: Idina Menzel. Soho dolls. Britney Spears. Leona Lewis. Christina. Justin Timberlake. One replublic. Lana Del Rey
shows The X-Files. Covert Affairs. The Hour. Private Practice. Pushing Daises. Once Upon A Time.
movies Sex and the City. PS I love you. Jane Austen book club. The Notebook. Moulin Rouge. Rent
people Gillian Anderson. David Duchovny. Natascha McElhone. Kate Walsh. Katherine Heigl. Olivia Wilde. Jennifer Morrison. Jesse Spencer. Idina Menzel. Kerry Ellis. Oliver Thompsett.
everything else Wicked. Rent. Me to you bears. Weddings. Chocolates. Acting

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